New Hampshire Exotic Dancer agency

I had a conversation  with a customer. He loved the show, the girls, even my brother the driver. He mentioned how he was worried about the girls showing up, he had used another company before and the girls didn’t show, he mentioned when he was calling around for this party, a company told him he can’t pick the girls. This is what separates my agency from the others. First off, I’m small, I don’t have to be a big agency booking dozens of girls, I have a lucrative internet porn business. The agency got me into that business and the agency is my baby. So what if we are small and only book 5 or 6 girls, that’s enough for your party right? And the girl you ask for, is the one who shows up, I won’t ever tell you, we are so busy that I can’t tell you who is showing up, I let the girls know they are booked as soon as I book the show, even if its 2 months in advance. And since pay my dancers, and drivers well, I end up making the smallest commission in New England, I talk to other agencies, they don’t pay their dancers, and charge the customer more than I do. They make double of my commission. That’s cool, as I said, the agency isn’t my only source of income, if it was, I’d do the same, cut dancers pay to zero and raise price to customers. Well I don’t have to do that, so you are getting 2 girls from me for under $330 in most locations we travel to.


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